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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The year seemed to be getting off to a great start! Our V-Day sessions were a hit and the Easter/Spring & First Communion session bookings were on fire! Then March rolled around.... And we all know what happened in March.... the dreaded C-word. Non-essential businesses forced to close their doors, people forced to stay home frightened of an unknown, deadly virus. Forget about professional photo shoots for a while....

Summer came and with some restrictions lifted we were able to honor a few of the promised session dates. I was never more excited to see a client than THAT FIRST DAY (well, at least not since my FIRST EVER CLIENT lol).

And so, here we are, December is here and with this hell of a year almost behind us, we can focus on 2021. At least we hope so ;)

We held some fall photoshoots and some holiday sessions outside for everyone's added safety. And now I have a renewed desire to open up the blog again. I will post my favorite photos from a few sessions of 2020 over the next few days. Stay tuned!

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