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Savannah's big sister reveal photoshoot

The Shaffer's are expecting their second baby! They are a young family with the cutest little girl Savannah.

I met Amanda, a local photog, through a photographers' Facebook group and we hit it off instantly. She was recently married with her first baby on the way and we planned to do her maternity photos, but things did not work out. That's life for ya. In the fall of 2019 I had the pleasure of taking their family photos at a beautiful location here in Nassau County.

Then we talked about a birthday photoshoot ideas for when Savannah would turn two. Wouldn't you know, while in the midst of this, March 2020 arrives with COVID-19 onboard.

Ugh. There go our plans again. But, we're doing the next best thing- a family photoshoot at the beach during the summer.

Time for the session rolls around and Amanda tells me the photoshoot needs to include a pregnancy announcement! Yes! That is so exciting! But wait, TELL NO ONE. Hahaha.

Now that the world knows, I can finally post this to the blog. And, of course, we had to take at least one photo with the masks ;)

Soon it will be time for this little one's maternity photos & I can't wait! Although, if you look at Amanda today, from that belly you may not even realize she's pregnant, already past the 100 day mark! I don't know where that baby is hiding ;)

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