• Roza S-cki

The Baby Photographer.

I get asked if I am a "baby photographer" a lot. The answer, you see, is not so simple.

I guess it depends on what you mean!

Do I take photos of babies? All the time! Am I a "newborn" photographer? No. Newborn photographers do special training and take safety courses designed for responsible and safe baby handling. They use special equipment and props to create those unique images. Could I take photos of your newborn? Yes! Would I? Nope, because I am not certified nor trained for that. But, I will happily come to your lovely home for a "lifestyle" newborn session in which YOU will be the one handling your baby, and I will guide you to the best and most realistic, everyday poses you might assume with your baby on a daily basis. I will even bring some minimal props and wraps to make those images a little more special.

I do get to photograph children of all ages, milestones and first birthday sessions, and those special occasions, like a Christening, First Birthday party or the annual Family Portrait. So feel free to ask me to take photos of you with your new baby.

And don't forget, I AM a maternity photographer ;)

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